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Who are we?

We are students at Vahit Tuna Anatolian High School, curious about technology and engineering. Coming together under the name LUNA AEROSPACE, we aim to contribute to future technologies with innovative projects. Our Albatros UAV development project represents a significant step where we turn our passion into practice.

Our goal is to merge theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, developing ourselves while creating projects that benefit society. The success in our projects is a result of our hard work and collaboration. On this journey, we aspire to grow alongside individuals and organizations who share and support our interest in technology.

Our vision is...

We are changing the world's perspective on UAVs!

We aim to shape the future by enhancing our country's technological competitiveness through innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions using indigenous and original technology. We strive to empower our members in the aerospace sector, enabling them to develop their skills and take a leading role in national and international arenas.

Our mission is...

Eyes that gaze upon the world's borders.

We have a mission to utilize our knowledge and skills in aviation and space, aiming to develop innovative projects, shape the future, and open new horizons in humanity's space exploration. We strive to elevate aerospace technology to excellence with sustainable solutions driven by indigenous and original ideas.

"We choose to go to the Moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard!"
- John F. Kennedy

Ahmet Nazmi Taşkın

+90 536 437 92 97


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