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I am Ahmet Nazmi Taşkın, a 12th-grade student. By founding Luna Aerospace, I have turned my dreams into reality. I have been making games using Unreal Engine for 6 years on my own scale, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation with the experience I have gained.

With Luna Aerospace, I aim to innovate in unmanned aerial vehicle production by developing new solutions in this field. Through our innovative projects and passion, we strive to contribute to the aviation industry and shape the technologies of the future. You can find more information about our projects and goals on our website and contact us there.

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My story

I am Ahmet Nazmi Taşkın, born in 2007. I have had a strong interest in almost anything that flies since the age of 10. I wrote my first code using Unreal Engine at that age, which marked the beginning of my passion for technology. I developed my first game five years later for a competition. Six years after that, with the help of the robotics club established at our school, I built my first aircraft.

Under my leadership, we founded Luna Aerospace for Teknofest, where we undertook many exciting projects. Most recently, I developed the prototype for Albatros alone in just three days. Now, we aim to create a near-final prototype of this project, and thus, we need your support.

At Luna Aerospace, our goal is to offer innovative solutions in unmanned aerial vehicle production. The success of our projects stems from the strength of teamwork and shared vision. With your support, we aspire to achieve greater goals in the fields of aviation and technology.

Thank you for your interest and support. Here's to achieving even greater successes together...


"I'm always seeking new and exciting opportunities.

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