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LUNA AEROSPACE's Albatros UAV, currently under development, is designed to be an unmanned aerial vehicle distinguished by its superior performance, advanced sensors, and long flight endurance, powered by solar panels. With powerful engines and an aerodynamic structure, it will ensure safe and efficient flight even in challenging weather conditions. The Albatros UAV can be utilized in various fields such as search and rescue, mapping, military, and reconnaissance, thanks to its versatile operational capabilities, successfully fulfilling multiple missions.

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The Albatros UAV is inspired by a proven design known for its modern and aerodynamic profile, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional performance. Its lightweight and durable body, made from advanced materials, ensures high maneuverability. With a compact and modular structure, it provides ease of maintenance and transportation, while being optimized for advanced sensor and camera systems. Designed with innovative engineering and superior design principles, the Albatros UAV is capable of successfully completing various missions.


Integrated Solar Panels

The solar panels integrated into the wings of the Albatros UAV provide additional energy for long-duration flights. This innovative energy solution is both environmentally friendly and efficient, extending the UAV's mission endurance and range. The solar panels enhance the operational efficiency and sustainability of the Albatros UAV, taking it a step further in performance.

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Advanced Camera System

​Albatros UAV will be equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors. These systems provide superior image quality across a variety of tasks. Albatros' cameras can record video in 4K resolution and offer 20x zoom. Night vision cameras and thermal cameras will be added for use in all weather conditions. An integrated gimbal system has been added to our camera. This will help keep the image stable no matter how many maneuvers you make.

Automatic Flight Control

The Albatros UAV is equipped with advanced automatic flight control systems. These systems enable the UAV to fly autonomously, allowing it to navigate safely and precisely along a predefined route without operator intervention. Automatic takeoff, landing, and route tracking features enhance user focus on missions and increase efficiency. The Albatros UAV provides reliable performance in complex tasks thanks to its automatic flight control capabilities.

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​Advanced Communication System

The Albatros UAV will be equipped with advanced communication systems. Integrated long-range radio communication and satellite links will enable operators to maintain continuous and reliable communication with the UAV. These systems ensure high-speed and secure data transfer, enabling real-time image and information sharing. The strong communication infrastructure of the Albatros UAV provides effective and uninterrupted performance in various operational scenarios.

ALBATROS in numbers


Estimated Flight Duration

1 KG

Approximate Payload Capacity

5200 mAH

3 KG

Battery Capacity

Approximate Mass

ALBATROS V 1.0 (First Prototype)

Through the prototyping process, we've gained valuable experiences and learned significant lessons from our mistakes. These insights will be carefully considered during the development of the second version, forming the foundation of our improvement steps. Our goal is to make the Albatros UAV stronger, more reliable, and more functional.

Support us!

Our project is a school initiative developed by students of Vahit Tuna Anatolian High School. Under the Luna Aerospace team we founded, we are designing an innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as part of the Albatros UAV development project. This project aims to provide our students with practical technology learning experiences and foster the future technology leaders.

To successfully complete our project, we need your support. You can contribute to this exciting project and support the development of technology and youth by joining us.

For more details and collaboration opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

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